In Massimo Listri’s photographs, the marvels of the palazzo built in the heart of the Urbe by the Colonnas, one of the oldest families of the Roman aristocracy
by Daria Borghese, Il Giornale dell’Arte, 02/05/2016

The following piece is from Daria Borghese’s essay «La Storia di Palazzo Colonna» [The History of Palazzo Colonna], published in the book “Palazzo Colonna. Immagini nel Tempo” [Palazzo Colonna. Images in Time], with photographs by Massimo Listri (Umberto Allemandi & C). Now in its fourth printing, it will be available from next summer.

«The vast Palazzo Colonna makes up for its less than striking exterior with a magnificent indoor staircase, a richness of furniture, the orange garden and above all the superb gallery, maybe more beautiful than Versailles and full of delightful pictures»